High blood pressure diet and foods you should stay away from

foods-avoidHigh blood pressure is a condition that comes with lots of aspects to consider, and proper diet is one of those. In many cases, high blood pressure cannot be controlled with the help of diet alone, but observing a healthier approach to what you eat and how can help you manage the condition better without going too heavy on special medications. Although the recommendations for high blood pressure patients are numerous and various, 3 most important foods can be distinguished that you should try to stay away from or limit the intake of.

 1. Salt

In some patients, excessive salt consumption can increase blood pressure that’s already too high to be considered healthy, while other people will experience no changes at all. The main problem here is that every patient’s response is individual and there is no way to establish the safe dose for every specific patient until the problem is already diagnosed.

However, it is known that high amounts of salt consumed can affect the heart, no matter if the blood pressure is normal or high. If you want for your diet to be healthy and sensible, it’s best to limit salt intake to bring some balance into your life and eating habits.

2. Fats

Saturated fats are harmful for your blood vessels and the overall health of your heart. Consuming fats, especially trans fats, in high amounts, is detrimental to the health of your body, as high blood pressure is also known to put too much strain on your heart and the way it pumps blood through the arteries.

For your diet to be balanced, make sure to limit the consumption of processed foods and other sources of saturated and trans fats.

 3. Alcohol

People diagnosed with high blood pressure are not supposed to drink large amount of alcohol. Moderate consumption of alcohol by people with normal blood pressure, which is usually understood as a glass of wine or a small glass of beer a day, can bring numerous health benefits and even protect from developing high blood pressure in the first place, while those diagnosed with high blood pressure already may not similar benefits. This has to do with the fact alcohol increases blood pressure. In addition, the walls of the arteries and other blood vessels can be damaged, which raises the blood pressure even more and increases the patient’s individual risk for developing complications.

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